Let's talk roasting pans

Turkey in Roasting Pan

Quality is key when it comes to roasting pans. Stainless steel, hard anodized, and copper try-ply roasting pans will all get you to delicious roasted birds, veggies, and roasts consistently and without fail. Why, why waste your time with anything else? Gone are the days of disposable grocery store trays. They tip, leak, warp, and are horrible for the environment.

And don't even think about trying to make a roux or gravy on the stove with that (um, hello fire department?). Need we say more? A quality roasting pan is a thing of beauty, for so many reasons.

It's part beauty and part beast.

copper roasting pan

Why copper? Beauty, beast, and the best. Fast conductor of heat, unbelievably beautiful, travels form oven to sideboard or table and looks like a French beauty. It will be a family heirloom and your peeps will be fighting for it long after you're gone.

Why stainless steel? A true work horse you'll be happy to tout out a the regular. Think weeknight roasts and large pans of veggies. Better yet, elevated birds on a rack lending delicious juice to the veggies underneath.

stainless steel roasting pan
Nonstick roasting pan

Nonstick? Sure. If that's what makes you comfortable, use it. Super easy cleanup and all the same cooking properties/characteristics as our other favorite roasting pans above. A little lighter weight and less mess, why not?

Why a roasting rack? All of our recommended roasting pans come standardly with a sturdy rack. All roasts and birds need to be elevated off the bottom of the pan for even cooking and air flow. If you don't have a pan with a rack, get one. You may only use it once or twice a year but they are inexpensive and necessary.

All and all, we believe every kitchen deserves a good, high quality roasting pan for a lifetime of family meals and holiday celebrations.

Cheers to that!