From Popping By To Partnership: A Story of Neighbors

It all started with a chef popping by with a plate of pasta and some tasty arancini to share.

Cooks of Crocus Hill was just putting final touches on its North Loop expansion when Gavin Kaysen crossed the street from Spoon and Stable to warmly welcome his neighbors with a delicious dish and the beginnings of an ongoing conversation around a shared love of food and its power to bring people together.

This brief neighborly exchange led to plenty of popping over between our two spots on North 1st Street over the years, whether it was to swap ingredients, demonstrate a new cooking tool or technique, or of course, share in the occasional Fika. We continued to nourish our neighborly connection as we chatted about new ways to gather more people around the table, and to the neighborhood, through exceptional experiences with food.

In 2020, when challenging times led us all to recognize just how valuable the relationships we hold with friends and neighbors are, we doubled down on ours. As Gavin made the difficult decision to close his beloved Bellecour location in Wayzata, a quick trading of texts was all it took to set the transition of our relationship from neighbors to roommates into motion. Our frequent popping over was enthusiastically transformed into the popping up of a fresh space for Bellecour Bakery to operate within the North Loop Cooks shop, where we began using our talents in tandem to provide a much needed source of joy and comfort to our neighborhood.

This pairing of Cooks and Bellecour has been so popularly received, we’re making things official, pushing our pop-up into a full blown partnership. One that fully delivers on the immersive culinary-experience we’ve been dreaming up together all of these years to gather guests of any generation or level of cooking experience around a one-stop-shop that offers opportunities to eat, engage with, and enjoy food to its fullest.

From popping by, to popping up, to partnership, the dynamic of our relationship has certainly changed since our first neighborly exchange, but the idea that has inspired and connected us along the entirety of this journey remains the same…

Introducing Cooks | Bellecour - great food is even better when it’s enjoyed together.