A few of our favorite things ...

Our talented team has done their homework to offer up their best picks for gifting any cooking enthusiast, foodie, or kitchen warrior on your list. Enjoy — your work is done!

*All items are available online or in stores for purchase

staff best picks for gifting Le Creuset Braiser

One of my most-used pots: the Le Creuset braiser. The upturned lid makes a great spoon rest, or a place to rest a seared piece of meat before sliding it back into a beautiful sauce. This is a great gift as a heritage piece that your giftee will be able to use forever. ~ Lorelei M, Chef & Class Scheduler

A gift card! Cuz sometimes having free money to spontaneously spend on the latest and the greatest or tastiest is amazing. (Plus it's the best way to buy a cooking class for someone!) ~ Susie T, Cooking School, Event & Bakery Sales Director

staff best picks for gifting gift cards
All-clad stainless steel  staff best picks for gifting

The first item I purchased at Cooks of Crocus Hill was an All-Clad Stainless Steel Frypan.  I have never looked back.  My collection has grown exponentially throughout the years, and I am happy to say my friends, family, and guests of many dinners are nothing but pleased at the end of a meal. ~Doug S, Accts Payable & Visual Support

Wusthof Classic Ikon 9’ Double Serrated Bread Knife – This was one of the last knives I added to my set but absolutely wish I had bought it years sooner. Having a good quality bread knife that cuts through crusty loaves without crushing the soft interior is a total game changer. I have had multiple family members & friends comment on the noticeable difference in quality and are amazed by the smooth cuts. Definitely, one of the best things since sliced bread (pun intended) and an essential to have in your collection! ~Angela G, Retail Team Member

Wusthof Classic Ikon 9’ Double Serrated Bread Knife  staff best picks for gifting
Staub 5qt tall cocotte staff best picks for gifting

Staub 5 qt. Dutch oven or Lodge 12" skillet. It's a toss-up cuz who doesn't want a stovetop-to-oven-to-table, one-piece-can-do-it-all piece of cookware that will last forever? ~ Susie T, Cooking School, Event & Bakery Sales Director

Be kind to your tomatoes and citrus with a 5" Serrated Utility Knife. Get thin slices of lemons or limes with ease, and cut through the skin of the tomato without damaging the flesh. We have models from Cangshan, Henckels, and Wüsthof to choose from. ~Bob, Retail Team Member

5" Serrated Utility Knife staff best picks for gifting
8" Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Wok  staff best picks for gifting

Helen's Asian Kitchen 8" Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Wok. This wok is the perfect size for a small breakfast scramble, and wonderful for jazzing up a package of ramen with additional ingredients! The flat bottom ensures stability on any cooking surface, and its approachable size makes it easy to store in even the smallest of kitchens. ~ Stormi B, Retail Team Member

I keep returning to Food52 Genius Recipes — and its dessert companion — for delicious well-written recipes. The cooking methods are clever, fun and inventive. I made the warm squash and chickpea salad with tahini last night and am making the radicchio salad with Manchego vinaigrette tomorrow night! ~Lorelei M., Chef & Class Scheduler