Earth Day Every Day~

Eat your plants. Save your pans. Save the earth.

Earth worthy tips from our kitchen pros:

Chef Lorelei

Lovely lonely cabbage~

Seems it lingers longer than most veggies in the drawer and I'm glad for that! Don't throw it away!

  • Slice it thin and toss into salad for extra crunch (fiber too:)
  • Chopped up with a little mayo and lime juice, makes a delicious, quick slaw to add to anything from tacos to BBQ and sandwiches.
  • Sauteed and caramelized, it pairs well and tastes great tossed into pasta.
Whole chicken~

Learn to roast it whole in the oven or on the grill and use it to the last drop!

  • The meat is delicious for dinner and leftovers make a tasty sandwich the next day.
  • Bones can be turned into a delicious broth for soups, sauces and stews.
  • The ultimate "zero" waste food
Glass container storage~

I always have parially used onions after prepping meals and store them for my next meal prep. I have found glass is the best:

  • Glass containers don't absorb smells of strong odor veggies
  • Tight lid keeps any odors from tainting other foods in the fridge
  • Reusable, recyclable, dishwasher safe and will not leach onion flavors from one use to the next
  • Mason jars are perfect ... for all of the above reasons and you can still use them for canning, making jams & preserves

Chef Nomi

When I think about cooking and eating sustainably I focus on little things I can do personally to save the earth.

  • I love using and reusing food, scraps and products to get as much out of them as I can
    • I throw as little food away as possible when cooking and repurpose scraps in creative ways
    • Rinds of parmesan can always be frozen and added to soups, stews or risotto
    • Rinds add extra flavor and think of the lucky person who gets a piece in their bowl for a surpirse,super cheesy melty bite!
    • Make parmesan stock (just like vegetable stock using rinds as the base)
  • Save coffee grounds for my garden:
    • save off squirrels from eating your fave herbs and veggies by adding used grounds to your garden soil, they strongly dislike the smell
    • Also acts an additional natural fertilizer
  • Eggshells in the garden:
    • ward off Japanese beetles from nibbling on leaves of Kale by adding dried crushed eggshells to your soil. They really don't like the smell of decomposing shells and act as another natural fertilizer