Green Circle Turkey

Green Circle Turkeys are an alternative to all turkeys available in the market. 

Green Circle birds check all the boxes and more; White broad breasted birds are raised in natural pastures, free-range style, in the sun, having fun and eating yard scraps, bugs and grubs and ... wait for it ... "ugly produce". The produce that local groceries and markets can't sell and would otherwise go to waste. They are also feed wholesome gluten-free grain feed, including corn and soy from the farm's own mill. Green Circle birds are truly happy healthy birds, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.

This unique approach to raising birds wasn't so unique back in the day. The unique raising practice emulates the common sense, waste-nothing methods of days past when poultry lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pastureland. From start to finish, these birds are treated and fed well, and the result is a supremely tasty turkey.

Brought to us exclusively by D’Artagnan, we think these birds will be a fantastic alternative to all the others. Their juicy meat is a result of their diet and producing a layer of light fat between the muscle and skin resulting in a succulent meat that like real deal turkey, not gamey or dry.

Give Green Circle Turkey a try this year and let us know what you think~