Meet Chef Phill

Meet Chef Phill, Restaurant Chef turned Chef Instructor who likes to share and spend time with his family ... when he's not cooking with us.

Chef Phill Chef InstructorChef Phill Chef Instructor

What's your story?

After working in the restaurant industry for 12 years, I became a full-time Culinary Instructor. Passion for food and hospitality is what I love. Nonstop learning is at my core and I want to be a wealth of knowledge for whoever has an interest in food and cooking. Making people happy is also at my core, and who doesn't love good food?! I want to be able to share just all the good things I’ve learned along the way with guests; that's truly why I'm here.

Why Cooks?

I took a cooking class long ago (20-ish years or so) and I remember making homemade pasta. It was really fun making butternut squash ravioli and the memory has always stuck with me! I’ve always enjoyed the coaching and teaching aspects of my job and have always thought that being an instructor would be super fun and rewarding. Building students' knowledge, confidence and adventure in the kitchen is what it’s about for me. 

Cooks is a small business that has been around a long time and is true to themselves and their guests. High-quality cookware, high-quality guest service and a vast knowledge of resources for anyone who loves food!

What's life like outside of instructing and cooking?

When I’m not instructing, I have an amazing family! My wife is Lauren; kids are Lucie, Milo and Piper. They keep me pretty busy. My other hobbies are hockey, mountain biking and golf.

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