Knife Sharpening

About a year after you buy a nice, shiny, sharp as a razor, 8-inch Wusthof Classic chef knife, you realize "Hmmm, this bad boy still does a fine job, but maybe not as nice as when it was fresh from it's trip to Minnesota from Solingen?!"

When you reach this point, there are a number of directions you could go; you could forge ahead, you could watch a bunch of videos on how to return your wonderful piece of German cutlery to its initial state of perfection, or you could swing by Cooks and we can send it off to our friends in Minneapolis whose sole purpose if to get you back on that slicing, dicing and chopping horse.

Tom Jensen started his company while sharing a parking lot with the midwest sales team from Wüsthof. Yup. When Wüsthof opened their Midwest Region, North Minneapolis was ground zero — a few doors down from our North Loop shop to be exact.  

Wüsthof needed a spot to do sharpening and minor repairs. Tom turned out to be their guy.  

Over the past 30 years Tom's team has created quite the workshop for knife sharpening and repair. They've invested in a precision sharpening unit to bring just about any knife back to a place of performance perfection. Takes about a week. You bring us your well used workhorse and we'll return a thoroughbred, ready to win the Culinary Derby.

Contact any of our store locations for more details.