Favorite Cookware? We've got one, or two, or maybe …

All-Clad Cookware has been a staple in our cooking school kitchens for over 40 years. We still have a few original pieces floating around. Durable and stands the test of use and time. Some of the best cookware available, and we have tested many over the years. A few reasons why it's our favorite cookware from our team and trusted guest All-Clad ~

favorite cookware nonstick

"My favorite is the Nonstick 8" & 10" Nonstick Hard Anodized Fry Pan set. The distinguished quality of All-Clad, the benefit of nonstick, and price-point make it a no-brainer for this mom." - Kelli / Buyer

“I love knowing that I can count on All-Clad to consistently and evenly heat EVERY time I use them. No hot spots. I think that consistency gives home cooks a boost in their culinary confidence. Timeless and classic design will never go out of style.” - Chef Lorelei / Chef Instructor & Cooking Class Scheduler

all-clad our favorite cookware
nonstick pan from our favorite cookware brand

"I use my 8, and 10-inch fry pans every day. The nonstick. The smaller one is perfect for my two eggs. Melts my butter. Cooks evenly. Easy cleanup. Great for just starting out." - Michael / North Loop Sales Associate + Barista

Love the pasta pot! Comes complete with an insert and makes dinner time easy to whip up. Stores well too. Love the value~ Mary / St. Paul super guest

boiling water from our favorite cookware brand

Easy to see why All-Clad remains strong in our schools, stores, and is our favorite cookware. Come in and test drive or see all that we offer here. Big Love for All-Clad!