Hostess with the Most-ess? Gift ideas from our team.

Ever at a loss for what to bring to your favorite hostess with the most-ess? We know the feeling, so our team has assembled a fantastic list of favorite and most recommended gifts for hosts of all types~

Hostess with the most-ess gift ideas from our team cocktail mixers

For a quick hostess gift, I love sending people over to the section of our store with all of the cocktail mixers. We stock so many with really interesting flavors and combinations that people might not think to try normally. I particularly love introducing people to a shrub (a vinegar-based syrup) because they're delicious with or without alcohol, and they're perfect for people who love kombucha! Grab a cocktail mixer, some cute garnishes, and a cocktail accessory, and you've got a perfect composed gift! — Zoë M., School Coordinator and Chef

An aged balsamic. We carry so many good balsamic vinegars, with a variety of price points and maturity dates. Something for everyone! Flavored Italian balsamic vinegars from Ritrovo are some of our best and the bottle is perfect for gifting. — Olivia, Marketing Manager

Hostess with the most-ess gift ideas from our team aged balsamic
Hostess with the most-ess gift ideas from our team mulling spice

Mulling spice. Perfect for a smaller-budget gift but big on flavor and ideal for mulled wine as well as cider. Makes any abode smell like a cozy Hallmark home. — Marie D.

Maldon flaked or smoked sea salts are truly eye-openers for the host who has everything. Crunchy bursts of diamond shaped salt flakes are wonderful finishing salts and pack a briny punch. — Karl B., owner and big idea guy

Hostess with the most-ess gift ideas from our team maldon sea salt
Hostess with the most-ess gift ideas from our team teasource

Local TeaSource Holiday Teas. The Grasshopper-mint is like a sip of the old classic dessert drink, without the booze! Delicious Serious Jams offer unique flavor combinations; the Salted Strawberry is a staff fave and is made here in St Paul. Colleen P. — Buyer

Solid Dishwashing Soap Bar from France with a soap dish. Your zero-waste pals will love this! Available in three delicious fragrances, and the dish looks great in all kitchens. Doug S. — Wearer of Many Hats

Solid Dish Washing Soap set Hostess gift ideas from our team

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