Meet Chef Zehorit Heilicher

Say hello to Chef Zehorit and get ready for one heck of a story! 

Chef Zehorit was born in Israel to a Yemenite immigrant family. Growing up in multi-cultural Givat Olga, she experienced Israel’s rich ethnic diversity through food and celebration. Following high school graduation, Zehorit joined the Israeli army, where she became an officer, finishing her service as a lieutenant. She then majored in English Literature and Political Science at the Tel Aviv University.

While working in a Minneapolis summer camp she met her husband and relocated. She has raised 4 children and has been teaching cooking classes in both the Jewish and the general communities and volunteering. Chef Zehorit brings to the kitchen her Mediterranean roots, her passion for healthy and flavorful dishes and her love of people and storytelling. Teaching in the Twin Cities for over 20 years, she shares her appreciation for the way in which culture, geography and history shape our food and the way we gather to eat it.

“Food is a vehicle to creating community, to shaping memory and to sharing cultural richness.” – Zehorit Heilicher

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